trapped cars, flooding and roof blasting

As a consequence of the storm front that advanced on the Atlantic Coast, in Villa Gesell Flooded streets, trapped cars and a large part of the city without electricity were registered, so local firefighters urged the population not to leave their homes.

“There were many flooded streets that broke completely and cars that were trapped under water. And we are working because many trees fell on top of houses,” explained the head of Civil Defense of Villa Gesell, Nahuel D┬┤Aquila.

He also pointed out that together with personnel from the Voluntary Firefighters and the provincial Civil Defense, who added four mobiles, they carried out tasks in the most affected sectors, such as promenades 136 and 139, in the first blocks from the waterfront.

Sources of the Gelsen Firefighters indicated that “people are recommended not to leave their homes in the face of new storms”, and D’Aquila specified that “the alert continues“.

“At the moment we have not had any problem with injured people and we continue to receive calls from people for various inconveniences. We are going to continue the alert and during the afternoon we will see how the situation continues,” said the communal official.

Meanwhile, the mayor of the Partido de la Costa, Cristian Cardozo, asked the neighbors and tourists that “circulate as little as possible“Due to the storm that affected the area during the early morning hours and that continues to develop in various districts of the Atlantic coast and the central and southern areas of the province of Buenos Aires.

“It was a very strong storm that has hit the region, we ask everyone in the area to circulate as little as possible until the water goes down,” said the communal chief in dialogue with the C5N signal today.

The storm with intense electrical activity caused the fall of trees and damage in cities such as Villa Gesell, Brandsen, Dolores, Laprida, General Madariaga and Castelli, where the meteorological alert remained this noon.

“The fall of the water towards the beach sector was very intense today, the area was affected by 50 millimeters, it rained in the Partido de la Costa, the day will continue unstable, but tomorrow an improvement in the weather situation is expected,” added the Mayor.

However, Cardozo pointed out that, in other cities towards the interior of the province “the rains were more intense, with drops of up to 250 or 270 millimeters” in a few hours, with gusts of wind, hail and electrical activity, and the water was “parked” generating inconveniences.

Due to the red alert, the first time the SMN uses it, it is recommended to stay away from coastal and riverine areas, disconnect electrical devices, avoid driving through flooded streets, know evacuation places and elevated sites, communicate with local emergency agencies in case someone is affected by this phenomenon, and always have an emergency backpack ready with a flashlight, radio, documents and telephone.

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