Transition cases at the White House increased after Trump, advisors and military officials also positive. america – World

Washington. The highest number of corona virus (more than 70 million) cases are in the US at present. Here the death toll from the virus has crossed 2 lakh. At the same time, this deadly virus has also caught the White House. Last week, US President Donald Trump became Corona positive. Most of the officers who come in contact with him have fallen victim to Corona. Significantly, top military officials, including senior White House policy advisors, are also Corona infected.

Senior Policy Advisor Stephen Miller was isolated for the last five days. Coronas were found infected after investigation on Tuesday. Miller said that he was regularly investigating Corona, despite this, he was following the Quarantine rules. Miller’s wife and vice-president’s spokeswoman Corona was infected in May, but after proper treatment she is now well. At the same time, in July, Miller’s 97-year-old grandmother died due to corona.

Coast Guard Officer Admiral Charles Ray is also Corona infected. After this, the top US General Mark, along with other army officers, are following the Quarantine rules. Coast Guard Deputy Commandant Adam Ray complains of mild symptoms of corona. The US Defense Ministry Pentagon has said that all the officials who attended the meeting with Adam Ray last week have been quarantined.

Adam Ray also infectedSignificantly, President Trump and other White House officials were found corona infected last week, but how and where Coast Guard Deputy Commandant Adam Ray became a victim of Corona has not been known yet. He attended a White House meeting ten days ago. He is currently quarantined at home.

Apart from General Mile, everyone including the Deputy Chief, Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Naval Staff, Chief of the Air Force, Cybercom Commander, Chief of Space, Chief of National Security and Deputy Commandant of the Marine Corps are all in the quarantine period. Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Hoffman told reporters that ‘there has been no change in the operations and mission capability of the US armed forces, as senior military officers are able to perform their duties from an alternate work location’.

Corona cases increase in White House
Many officials, including the senior Republican leader of the party who came in contact with President Trump, were infected with Corona. Even Melania Trump, America’s first woman and President Trump’s wife, and his aide Hope Hicks, and several Republican senators have been hit by the virus.

Earlier, Trump had announced his US Supreme Court nominee at an event. After this, mild symptoms of corona have been confirmed in some authorities there. Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic Party’s Kamala Harris continued to sit in Salt Lake City Utah on Wednesday, despite both being out of the danger of the virus.

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