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‘Train at Home’ returns to encourage multiple Chileans

The ‘Entrena En Casa’ program of the Ministry of Sports was born in March 2020 before the complex moments caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the good reception it had from the public brings it recharged for 2021.

This April 6, for Sports Day, the Facebook of the Ministry of Sports (@MindepChile) had a series of classes as special coverage: Carol de la Paz (Karate: Kata), Germán Oliveros (Traditional Karate) and Stephanie Bruce (Boxing) were protagonists. During the afternoon, in addition, there will be Valentina Santorsa (Zumba).

Added to this is the local offer of each regional address, which can be found on the social networks of each region. This event will mark the restart of live classes: during this Tuesday the schedules of the April classes will be revealed. There will be four live classes, distributed over six days a week.

“The pandemic has forced us to spend most of the time in our homes, and that is why, as the Ministry of Sports, we want to provide all possible tools so that people of all ages can exercise at home and as a family. Sport is key to better face these complex times, and I am sure that, once again, there will be many people who join Entrena En Casa, “said the Minister of Sports Cecilia Pérez.

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