Tragic crash: 3 dead and 3 injured when a car overturned and fell apart in Córdoba

Three people died and another three were injured this Friday morning when they were involved in an overturn and subsequent skidding and fall in a ravine on Circunvalación avenue at the height of the Hogar Clase Media neighborhood, in the city of Córdoba, according to police sources.

Out of control

The tragic accident occurred around 9 o’clock when the occupants of a Peugeot 408 -three women and three men- who were circulating through the Juárez Celman variant upon joining the Beltway lost control and rammed the guardrail.

In the sequence, the car tore off a piece of the containment barrier, flew and ended up inverted in the grasslands of a steep ravine, several meters from the track.

Firefighters worked in the area. (The Voice / José Hernández)

As a result of the very strong impact, two women and one man died and the remaining three occupants were injured. At the moment, the ages and identities were not known.

Firefighters and the Police worked at the site. For now, it is not known whether they were traveling drunk or at high speed, or both.

At the scene, it was observed that the battery flew 30 meters and was placed against the wiring of the apartment complex located near the point of impact.

The battery flew 30 meters. (The Voice / José Hernández)


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