Tragedy on the road: the trip that ended with four deaths of some friends from Cordoba

Once again, what should be a journey of happiness and fun on a road ended in the worst way: the car skidded, touched the shoulder and began to tumble several times until it was destroyed in the middle of a field. The result was dramatic: four young girls from Cordoba were thrown out of the cabin and lost their lives. Everything indicates that the victims were not wearing seat belts.

There were two other survivors: two guys who ended up with some punches and are recovering.

The road drama took place at dawn this Sunday on provincial route 23, a few kilometers from the Santa Fe town of Suardi, in the department of San Cristóbal.

Most of the fatal victims, like the two surviving males, are from the Cordovan town of Morteros, in the San Justo department, a town located 22 kilometers from Suardi.

Official sources indicated that the victims were going for a walk, although the final destination is not confirmed.

The fatal victims were: Julieta Gorosito (16), Clarisa Herrera (16), Camila Bazán (17) – these first three were from Morteros – and Loana Valdés (15), who lived in Córdoba capital.

The road drama happened at 5.40, at a time when the victims were traveling aboard a Chevrolet Astra on the aforementioned route 23.

Shortly after leaving Suardi and heading north from Santa Fe, the driver of the car – for reasons under investigation – lost control of the steering wheel, the car touched the shoulder and ended up bumping several times.

The vehicle was completely destroyed, turned over and with mechanical parts thrown several meters away, demonstrating the speed and violence of the impact.

Motorists who passed by there managed to call the Santa Fe Police, who came after a few minutes, together with teams of volunteer firefighters.

In the middle of the road disaster, a large operation was mounted to try to rescue the survivors.

Official sources indicated that the dead bodies of three of the adolescents were found in the vicinity of the drama site.

Meanwhile, firefighters managed to rescue three survivors. They were Loana Valdés (15) –original from Córdoba–, Luciano Filippa (20) and Martín Solís (21).

Loana managed to be transferred in a very serious condition to San Francisco, where she was admitted to the regional hospital. In the afternoon, he died.

Regarding the two boys who survived, it was indicated that their health was not at risk.

Morteros is shaken and dismayed by the tragic death of her neighbors.

While the Suardi Police and the Santa Fe Justice carry out the first expert reports, it was expected to take a statement from the survivors to testify what happened.


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