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Tragedy in a refugee home – second Afghan boy (6) dies of mushroom poisoning

You survived the horror of the Taliban hell – but for a young family from Afghanistan the step into a new life ended in tragedy. After the parents and their children were evacuated and flown to Europe, they wanted to start over in Poland. But now two little boys (5, 6) are dead – because they accidentally ate poison mushrooms.

The drama took place in a refugee shelter in Podkowa Lesna (just under 30 kilometers southeast of Warsaw): The five-year-old died after eating the mushrooms on Thursday. Now his six-year-old brother is also dead. He was still fighting for his life after a liver transplant. The central children’s hospital in Warsaw announced on Friday that he could not be saved.

A 17 year old girl was discharged from the clinic. The family had only arrived at a reception center on August 23. One day after their arrival, the family went to the wooded area of ​​the camp to collect mushrooms and made a soup from them, reported the news portal “”.

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According to information from the PAP news agency, the poisoning was caused by green leaf agaric mushrooms. In Germany, too, these highly toxic mushrooms are often confused with edible mushrooms.

The parents receive psychological support in the hospital. Poland had flown the family out of Afghanistan in July at the request of the British government. The father had worked as a local employee for the British.

A spokesman for the Polish immigration authorities rejected media reports on Friday that the refugees had not been given enough to eat in the accommodation. The day after their arrival, the Afghans received a two-course lunch and provisions. The daily catering consists of three meals.

The public prosecutor is now questioning the workers at the reception center about the course of the accident. She is investigating negligence.

An identical incident had occurred in another refugee shelter. As the responsible ministry announced, four Afghan men had been hospitalized – also after they had eaten poison mushrooms. However, they survived the incident.

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