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Traffic officer dies after overturning in Reazer in Eldorado, Culiacán

Culiacán.- An element of the Unit of Transit of Culiacan is being reported lifeless after overturn in a “Reazer” all-terrain vehicle in the town of El Vigía in the Eldorado syndicate near the beaches of Ponce.

Unofficial information mentions that the traffic officer, taking advantage of his day off, was driving aboard a Reazer when he still unclearly lost control of the steering wheel and then overturned in said unit which apparently fell on him causing death injuries.

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It is about the officer Eden Yasser ‘N’ who was attached to said corporation in the state capital.

At the moment the place is being guarded by municipal authorities and waiting for the arrival of personnel from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

He was assigned to the Quilá receivership, and was better known among his peers as ‘El Pajarito’. Likewise, some of those with whom he shared experiences within his work, regret his loss at this time.

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