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Toyota Prius 2021 on test: A successful formula that does not need major changes, this is the best-selling hybrid in Mexico

Toyota Prius is one of those controversial cars that divide opinions, do you love him or hate him, there are no middle points and the truth is regularly people who do not like him is because they have not even had the opportunity to try it and witness how well achieved it is in many aspects, not all but yes the most important.

Perhaps these lines can sound very in favor of the car and the truth is that yes, I belong to the side that Prius loves, well I do not love it but I do like it a lot, because I have precisely had the opportunity to try it repeatedly and each time. one of them again leaves a great taste in my mouth. Not for nothing, Mexico is the third country where Prius is sold the most in the world, only behind the United States and Japan.

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Prius has always been characterized by having a design, unusual and to some extent disruptive, with very strong lines and design elements that are hardly digestible for everyone, but it is precisely there where it has part of its charm. However, for this 2021 model year, these lines are becoming more and more conventional and little by little it has become a more “normal” design, without losing its essence at some point.

The headlights, which by the way have LED technology, continue to be elongated, which run from the bumper to more than half the hood. Further down we find on the sides a couple of simulated air intakes and a very thin grill that draws a smileNot forgetting the small fog lamps that accompany the lower air intake that is more pronounced.

Continuing along the side of the car, we find 15 ”two-tone aluminum wheels and side mirrors with indicator lights for turn signals and indicators. It is just when we look at it from the side that we can pinpoint those lines that have characterized it for many years, that C post painted in black that gives it a flown effect and with it a more streamlined appearance.

The rear is undoubtedly where Prius has its peculiar style most marked and also the part that has evolved the most over the years. The skulls with very sharp angles are satisfactorily integrated into that kind of division that the medallion has and that also acts as a kind of rear spoiler, all of which together give it that liftback body style.


The Prius cabin in terms of design I have always thought that it makes a perfect match with the exterior. It is worth mentioning that for the 2021 model year, there are no apparent changes in terms of design, continuing with the peculiar central arrangement of the instrument panel, the 7 ”touch screen. now supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, something that at least I greatly appreciate, the graphical interface and the system do a good job together.

The air conditioning is automatic and dual zone, the typical selector for the speeds is still present as a hallmark of the car, next to it, the parking button and two more buttons for driving modes. We also have at our disposal a front usb port, two more at the back and a wireless charger.

In general terms, the interior of Prius is quite complete in terms of design and equipment, without overlooking a correct level of materials, manufacture and with a lot of breadth, making it very comfortable and pleasant.


When I get to test a vehicle with these characteristics, that is, a hybrid, it is something that I really enjoy because you don’t necessarily have to drive a fast or sports car to have a fun ride. Prius is all about learning how to drive it right in order to express its full potential in terms of fuel economy and that is one of its strengths.

The mechanics remain the same a 1.8-liter Atkinson cycle engine and an electric drivetrain, which together generate 121 hp, 120 lb-ft of torque and the transmission is planetary gear or CVT for the fours. It is not a fast car and it does not pretend to be, but it is not a turtle either, when you activate the PWR mode, the car becomes more agile and ideal when you are in a bit of a hurry.

The ride quality it delivers is quite good, fully focused on comfort, partly thanks to the use of the TNGA platform. However, when going around the curve we perceive a slight roll in the body, but it is compensated thanks to the weight and strategic placement of the batteries, thus achieving a lower center of gravity.

The steering is very comfortable for city driving and allows maneuvers to be very easy to execute, however I perceived her somewhat assisted and not very communicative, although I do not see it as a negative point.

Regarding consumption in a “normal” city driving we were able to get 19 km / L a fairly high figure and that is appreciated in times when gasoline reaches up to $ 25 pesos per liter.

To end

Toyota Prius is not perfect, but if I consider it the best in its category without demeriting its competitors at any time. The Japanese brand is clearly dominant in hybrid technology and does so in a spectacular way, there are already six vehicles in its catalog that offer hybrid versions, however I believe that Prius being the pioneer is the one that best executes it.

If I were you, I would without hesitation give it a try.

In Motorpasión Mexico

The Toyota Prius was not the father of hybrids, they have existed since 1900 and Porsche has to do with it


Interior space10

In favor

  • The operation of the hybrid system.
  • The handling is very comfortable.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.
  • Reasonable price.


  • The exterior design is not to the liking of many.
  • The management transmits very little.
  • Slight instability when cornering.

Toyota Prius Premium


  • Combustion engine: 1.8 liters in Atkinson cycle
  • Power: 96 hp @ 5,200 rpm
  • By motor: 105 lb-pie @ 4,000 rpm
  • EV power: 71 hp
  • Par EV: 120 lb-pie
  • Net power: 121 hp
  • Transmission: Planetary gear (CVT style)
  • Traction: Lead
  • Brakes: Disc / Disc
  • Weight: 1,390 kg
  • Maximum speed: N.D.
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h ‘: 10.6
  • Front suspension: Independent McPherson type
  • Rear suspension: Independent with arms thrown
  • Length: 4,540 mm
  • Trunk: 457 liters
  • Consumption in the city: 19.2 km/l
  • Consumption on the road: 24.4 km/l
  • Combined consumption: 21.8 km/l
  • CO2 emissions: N.D.
  • Tank capacity: 43 liters

The news Toyota Prius 2021 on test: A successful formula that does not need major changes, this is the best-selling hybrid in Mexico was originally published in Motorpasión Mexico by Raúl Silva.

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