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Toyota has modified the GR Yaris engine to run on hydrogen

Toyota has modified the GR Yaris engine to run on hydrogen

As part of its ambitious plan to achieve “a carbon neutral mobility society”, Toyota has modified the GR Yaris engine to run on hydrogen. Among the objectives of the Japanese manufacturer is the mission of using this mechanic, essentially an internal combustion engine powered by compressed hydrogen, in endurance races.

The Toyota GR Corolla could equip a three-cylinder engine with 300 hp

Unlike the Toyota Mirai, which uses hydrogen in a fuel cell to produce electricity to power an electric motor, this new Toyota racing powerhouse is a traditional combustion engine with a modified fuel injection and delivery system for burning. hydrogen instead of gasoline.

Toyota has modified the GR Yaris engine to run on hydrogen


The engine will be installed in a racing car based on the Toyota Corolla Sport that will participate in the Super Taikyu endurance championship in Japan. The first appointment of the calendar will be next May 21 and it will be the day in which we will be able to see the supercharged 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine of the Toyota GR Yaris powering a competition Corolla using only compressed hydrogen as fuel.

Toyota engineers ensure that combustion in a hydrogen engine it occurs at a faster rate than a gasoline engine, improving its responsiveness. Hydrogen engines neither emit CO2, which represents an important advance in environmental terms, although emit nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Toyota said its goal is introduce a hydrogen engine in a road car, although he did not go into more details. “While they have excellent environmental performance, hydrogen engines also have the potential to convey the fun of driving, including through sounds and vibrations,” explains the Japanese manufacturer through a press release.

The new compressed hydrogen powered racing engine is a promising project that could help keep heat engines alive for years to come. Toyota is not alone in giving hope that these mechanics will survive, as Porsche is doing the same in developing synthetic fuel technology.

Aaron Perez April 25, 2021 – 12:37 p.m.

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