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Toyota GR Corolla could have the same engine as GR Yaris but with a power increase of 300 hp!

While it is no secret that Toyota you may be working on a new Corolla GR, recently new rumors have arisen regarding the great performance that this model could have.

Let us remember that as it is a vehicle developed by the sports arm of the Gazoo Racing firm, we can wait the best in terms of sportsmanship, adjustments in the mechanics of the vehicle and of course a new style.

Although last year we learned that Toyota had registered the name of GR Corolla, it had been mentioned that this model would carry the same engine as the new GR Yaris, that is, the turbocharged 1.6-liter three-cylinder engine with 261 hp and 273 pound-feet of torque, however, according to the Japanese publication Car Sensor, it ensures that they are looking to increase their power to 300 hp.

According to the information, Toyota wants to improve the performance of the new GR Corolla, yes use the same engine as in GR Yaris but increase its power significantly.

According to rumors, the car could also have the same all-wheel drive and the same manual box six-speed.

In addition, in the same Japanese publication they assure that they also a family version could comei.e. a GR Corolla Touring and also a hybrid variant that could be targeted for specific markets.

While all of the above are still mere assumptions, we will look forward to the official announcement company, which appears to be coming soon.

In Motorpasión Mexico

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The news Toyota GR Corolla could have the same engine as GR Yaris but with a power increase of 300 hp! was originally published in Motorpasión Mexico by Estefanía Trujillo.

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