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Toxic situations in "Love Alarm" that you should not miss in any relationship

Korean dramas have become a source of entertainment on this side of the world for their dramatic and love-filled stories. Love Alarm It is no exception but within its plot with a dystopian twist on teenage romance, there is a dose of reality that makes us wonder about how much we have normalized toxic relationships.

The plot revolves around a futuristic dating app that reveals to the world who you like and who you don’t so that you can then find your potential partner.

Life in the recent confinement has sparked a host of new digital strategies to find loveFrom speed dating by video to sharing a movie through platforms like Netflix. But what if there was an app that could measure your feelings?

The Love Alarm it sounds every time someone within a 10 meter radius is drawn to the user, creating a new way for young people to measure the popularity of others and thus add a bit of drama to the theme of falling in love.

Why should history be of concern.

The leads, Kim Jo Jo and Kim Jo Jo aren’t exactly a couple to look up to (although the drama makes it sound like they are). There is a typical teenage love triangle that turns into something darker because it romanticizes the idea of ​​infidelity, lies, and insecurities.

Lack of communication is the failure of any relationship.

The relationship of Sun Oh Y Jojo It comes from a deception, a betrayal of friendship. There is no good communication between the two and having had it, many problems between them would have been solved.

Not listening is part of the problem in every relationship.

This drama shows how both protagonists did not know how to react to the situations that were presented to them with their relationship.

Being able to listen in a relationship is for successful communication. It is important in an argument or disagreement, but also only in everyday life. If you are waiting to talk about what is happening or express yourself, without really listening to what the other says, then you will get nowhere.

Between Sun Oh who kissed the girl his friend liked and Jojo hiding much of his emotions for not wanting to harm others, they only caused greater pain.

If there is no trust, there is nothing.

The insecurity and lack of trust between the couples in the story show that no relationship in real life can work like this. As you go through all the ups and downs of life, you have to trust your partner. You cannot have a healthy and lasting relationship without trust and with secrets


Jealousy is also a key factor in the protagonists and that makes us think that there’s no way to make a healthy relationship work like that. We all experience feelings of jealousy throughout our lives, but the key is to control them so they don’t become a burden on the relationship.

Although a little jealousy is normalThey can quickly become unhealthy if your partner becomes overly possessive or controlling because of them.

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