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In Acapulco Guerrero, a group of tourists starred in a Fight campal that left a injured person. The events occurred on the night of this December 29 in front of the Intelligent building that houses the C-5, in the traditional area of ​​the Coastal Miguel Alemán.

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The authorities indicated that the more than 20 tourists who fought were family, friends and acquaintances who moments before lived in the Carabalí beach and for some reason they began to quarrel.

Jondalar Castillo Ledezma, Director of Acapulco Tourist Care and Protection Center, CAPTA, confirmed the facts:

“Indeed, a fight arose between tourists who were on the sandy strip of the beach, they left there, apparently they were two small groups, friends, relatives, around 20 people so that fight begins.”

A Road Police officer He noticed the fight and approached the place, however, he did not intervene because he was alone, so he warned the Acapulco Tourist Care and Protection Center.

The report was channeled by the Center for Attention and Protection to the Tourist of Acapulco, at Urban and Tourist Police, who moved to the place.

Noticing the presence of security forces, the fighting people scattered.

“In addition to the fact that they had already reported to 911 in the interim, emergency numberWhen these people see the units arrive, they run and disperse, some ran towards the same coastline as Miguel Alemán, others entered the strip of sand, ”Ledezma reported.

The fight in which adults, youth and women participated left an injured person who was cared for by their relatives.

“There was one injured but the same tourists, the same people took their injured, that is, it is funny how they fight and at the same time help each other, right? It is a lawsuit of alcoholic people,” Ledezma declared.

So far the identity and the origin of those who participated in the fight.

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