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Totally gaga! – Ami flies 20,000 km for THAT rubber duckling

Not only sounds completely gaga – it is too: Matthew Klint flies almost 20,000 kilometers just for a rubber duck!

On his blog „Live and let’s fly“ the frequent flyer writes (according to his own account more than 300,000 kilometers per year): “I know you will think I’m crazy, but first listen to me.”

The American wants to fly from his hometown Los Angeles to Frankfurt am Main. That’s a little more than 9,300 kilometers per flight, for a total of almost 20,000 kilometers. “All just for a squeaky duck from the Lufthansa First Class Terminal.”

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Background: Due to Corona, the airport point of contact for the rich and beautiful was closed. To celebrate the reopening, Lufthansa released a special corona squeaky duck. In a very limited edition.

“For everyone who is not that familiar with the Lufthansa First-Class Terminal,” Matthew Klint explains to mere mortals: Lufthansa is giving away rubber ducks as a souvenir of the visit. They were usually yellow or black. But the airline has also repeatedly brought special editions onto the market. “Over the years I have built up a nice collection of these special ducks,” says the aviation fan.

The current corona duck has a special place in the blogger’s heart. Because during the pandemic, Matthew Klint’s company broke down. In addition, the American contracted the virus and could not smell anything for six weeks. “As much as I want to forget this pandemic, it will always be an indelible part of my life.”

The rubber duckling should have a very special place in the office of the frequent flyer. It should always remind Matthew Klint of the professional and private lessons he learned from the Corona period.

Critics – and there are likely to be many of them given the ecological footprint of this campaign – the blogger tries to take the arguments straight away. Matthew Klint writes: “In theory, I could buy one of these corona ducks on Ebay – but where’s the fun? My ducks are not bought. So off to Frankfurt! “”

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