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Torture murder in Paraguay – “A clean cell costs 130 euros”

Asuncion – Volker G. (58) and two other Germans have been in custody in Paraguay for a good week. The trio is said to be involved in the murders of Bernard von Bredow († 62) and his daughter († 14).

Now Volker G. sent a message to BILD from prison. And describes his scary everyday life in it.

“In custody we sat in a hole with no light and hardly any air,” said the inmate. “With four men in a small booth, the sanitary facilities sucked. Everyone smoked like stupid people. The bad thing was: you didn’t know what time it was. The seven days were hell. “

In the meantime, he and fellow inmate Stephen M. (51) have been relocated – because they paid for it: “The prison is a machine for printing money.” A clean cell would cost the equivalent of 130 euros in bribes.

They are still “in the best of health”, even if there is nothing to eat: “The relatives have to bring that. You have to buy drinks. Or drink water from the crane, where you will probably have a thin whistle afterwards. “

The transsexual orchestral musician Yves S. (60) is still in prison. “My health is bad, I have a fever,” he told BILD through his lawyer. “The hygienic conditions are catastrophic, beneath all dignity.”

The torture murder

The scientist Bernard Bredow († 62) and his daughter Loreena († 14) were tortured and killed on October 22nd. The public prosecutor is convinced that Volker G. is behind the deaths of father and daughter with two accomplices: he planned the murder plot with Stephen M. (51) and Yves S. (60) in order to get to Bredow’s collection of antique musical instruments. Four of them were found in his house. The value of the instruments is probably in the hundreds of thousands.

After the arrest of the ex-lawyer Jimmy Paez (46), who is said to have pressed a will from Bernard von Bredow, Volker G. now believes that he will be released soon: “I hope that we will then be placed under house arrest.”

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