Together for the Change, he expressed his doubts about the vaccine and the “hawks” ask Horacio Rodríguez Larreta not to put it on now

The leadership of Juntos por el Cambio, headed by Mauricio Macri, met again virtually and questioned the government’s vaccination plan Credit: Prensa Pro

“Bad guys don’t take vacations, neither do we,” he said. Mauricio Macri, since your vacation in Cumelen, in a phrase that aroused the smiles of his interlocutors. During their fortnightly meeting, the leadership of Together for Change debated his position regarding the vaccination plan that the government of Alberto Fernandez will implement from tomorrow.

The head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, he raised in reserve his “doubts” about whether or not to follow several of his Peronist peers, who plan to apply the vaccine Sputnik V as a political gesture of support for the Casa Rosada. Engaged in his fight for the funds of the coparticipation with Balcarce 50 – he presented his demand this morning in Courts – Larreta heard the criticism of several of the “hawks” of Juntos por el Cambio, who reminded him that in Congress the opposition deputies come raising in requests for reports their doubts regarding the effectiveness of the vaccine sponsored by the government of Vladimir Putin.

“In relation to the vaccine, the importance of starting the vaccination was discussed, but attention is drawn to the lack of information on the vaccine and it is eagerly expected that this information will be requested to give certainty to the population,” reads the text agreed after the meeting, which was attended by the party holders (Patricia bullrich, of Pro; Alfredo Cornejo, of the UCR, and Maximiliano Ferraro, CC-ARI), plus the legislative authorities. “The vaccination operation must have verifiable scientific information and that the approval process be serious and consistent in the hands of our technical bodies,” added the opposition in the agreed text.

According to two of the participants, Larreta did not say if he was going to be vaccinated or not, he only stated that the Government was putting together “a show” with the other governors. In the Buenos Aires government they were silent. Standard bearer of the “hawks”, Bullrich told him that “the vaccine is not approved worldwide”, that “the scientific data are not there” and that it was the Government that “politicized everything with the impulse of the agreement with Putin and to comply with his promises of vaccination before the end of the year. “

That was the only counterpoint to the meeting, which he missed again Maria Eugenia Vidal and in which a common position was also set in rejection of the project of retirement reform official party that will be debated in the Chamber of Deputies tomorrow.

Patricia Bullrich maintained that lack of information on the Russian vaccine
Patricia Bullrich maintained that lack of information on the Russian vaccine Source: Archive – Credit: Daniel Jayo

“Together for Change is once again stating its opposition to the change in the pension formula,” said the opposition leadership, who said that retirees will lose money in relation to “the Cambiemos formula” because the inflation variable will no longer be considered.

The opposition also took the opportunity to greet the “Argentine people, who spent a difficult year with great suffering.” In a critical balance of the first year of the Frente de Todos, the leaders of Together for Change highlighted that more than 42,000 families lost loved ones; that merchants, workers and the self-employed lost their jobs and their income, and that education “went into a collapse with a whole year without face-to-face schools.”

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