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Together for Change was divided over the vaccine …

The major plan of Together for Change held the last summit of the year 2020 on Monday. criticism against the government by the process of vaccination against the coronavirus with the Sputnik V, about which they asked for “verifiable scientific information“.
“The vaccination operation must have verifiable scientific information and that the approval process be serious and consistent in the hands of our technical bodies,” said the leaders of the opposition front in a statement issued after the virtual meeting.
However, there were some differences for this issue among the “hard” and the “moderate” of space, since the president of PRO, Patricia bullrich, proposed at the meeting toughen the position of the opposition coalition against russian vaccine, the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, asked not to attack Sputnik V directly and engage in requesting more information about it.
The leaders of the National Board of Together for Change also emphasized the “difficult year with great suffering” for the victims of the pandemic, the loss of jobs and income and the “collapse” of education without face-to-face classes.
In this framework, the presidents of the blocks of Deputies of the PRO and the UCR, Cristian Ritondo and Mario Negri, again raised the claims to the Government on the issue of vaccination (data on Sputnik V and on the lack of agreement with that of Pfizer ) and highlighted the request they have already made to question the Minister of Health, Ginés González García.
The claims of the space also included the new retirement mobility promoted by the Government, on which they again raised their “opposition to the change of formula that loses money in relation to that of Cambiemos, by not considering the inflation variable.”
Of the meeting they participated also the former president Mauricio Macri and Humberto Schiavoni for the PRO, the senator Martin Lousteau and Luis Naidenoff by radicalism. in addition to Maximiliano Ferraro and Maricel Etchecoin for the Civic Coalition, and the auditor general of the Nation Miguel Ángel Pichetto.

The message of the last virtual meeting of the space led by Mauricio Macri may be outrageous, but not surprising. When President Alberto Fernández was about to declare the quarantine, the president said that the changemaker called him on the phone to tell him not to do it because the economy was going to “suffer” and, more, less, the message was ” let those who have to die die. “

Later, the position of the opposition coalition consisted of organizing and participating in various anti-quarantine marches that surely did nothing but increase infections (the president of the party herself was infected and was hospitalized) and now that Sputnik V has arrived despite everything the lobby and the operations they carried out against it, the brand new strategy is to scare the population and question their effectiveness. To propose solutions for one of the greatest health crises of humanity, for now little and nothing. To say nothing.

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