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Together for Change rejects the restriction on nighttime circulation

The leaders of Juntos por el Cambio who do not hold executive positions demonstrated against the restriction on night traffic that the national government together with the provincial governments will impose in the next few hours.

The measure, which will be taken in conjunction with the governors and mayors of the entire country, including those on the Atlantic Coast, where cases are multiplying, was criticized by leaders close to Mauricio Macri.

The president of PRO, Patricia Bullrich, used her Twitter account to express herself against the official decision: “The curfew must be approved in Congress; it is not the power of a monarch. Who pays for the failure of the government’s health policy ? Millions of Argentines who cannot work, “he said.

Alfredo Cornejo, head of the UCR, considered that the curfew “is a clear demonstration of the failure of the health strategy. They are the coup de grace to the Argentine economy. Restrict freedoms and hold the other accountable, pure and simple Kirchnerism” .

For its part, the JxC interblock in the Chamber of Deputies considered a “restriction on individual freedoms” the measure not yet published and regretted that it is “the only response to the Coronavirus health crisis.”

“An attempt is made to hide the negligence in handling the pandemic by blaming citizens, especially young people, for the increase in infections,” they added.

Congressman Álvaro de Lamadrid also criticized the government for being “used to governing with discretion and by decree.” Regarding the decision, he considered that it “restricts freedom of movement” and should only be issued by “Parliament for a limited time and security.”

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