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Together for Change asks that the new restrictions be approved in Congress and they point out: “It is the coup de grace to the Economy”

Leaders of Together for Change on Wednesday joined their criticism against the announced night restriction that will be in force from this Friday, January 8, throughout the country and warned that it will cause a severe blow to workers. The curfew will be in effect from 23 to 5 or 6 in the morning, as you may have learned

The owner of the Pro, Patricia bullrichHe said that “the curfew must be approved in Congress; it is not the power of a monarch. Who pays for the failure of the government’s health policy? Millions of Argentines who cannot work. Another blow to the workers! ”, He warned on his Twitter account.

Chief of Staff Santiago Cafiero said at a press conference that “the measures will be in this afternoon, they are already being drafted” and “will be published this Friday.” From 11 pm, only essential personnel can circulate on the streets.

The restriction could last the entire month of January, although the fine print of this question is being written at this time. “We know they are unfriendly measures”Cafiero acknowledged. The official measure will represent a severe blow to bars, restaurants and the commercial sector.

For the head of the UCR and national deputy, Alfredo Cornejo, “The measures that the Fernández government will take are a clear demonstration of the failure of the health strategy.”

And he added: “They are the coup de grace to the Argentine economy. Restricting freedoms and holding the other accountable, pure and simple Kirchnerism, “he said.

From the Civic Coalition, the national deputy Paula Olivetto He said that “the curfew that the President wants to impose, based on a very capricious interpretation of the Penal Code, is very dangerous. It allows the abuses that we have seen on the part of the security forces and the feudalists, ”he warned.

The legislator, a key ally of Elisa Carrió in Congress, said that the government should increase the number of tests and strengthen prevention protocols to contain the reappearance of cases, instead of restricting circulation. “Banning is not the solution. Test and protocol ”, he said on Twitter.

Your colleague Graciela Ocana he was not left behind with his questions. “The sanitary curfew is an extreme and dangerous measure for freedoms. We have already had arrests and disappearances during the confinement dictated by the President within the framework of the measures of social, preventive and compulsory isolation ”, he added from his account on the social network.

COMPLAINT. Ocaña had a PC and pen drives stolen from his house on the coast.

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