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Today, Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández off the radar of El Tri

‘Chicharito’ started the 2021 MLS season in great shape, but for now he is still not being considered by Gerardo Martino

Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernández is reconciling with the goal defending the MLS LA Galaxy jersey, but apparently Not even his recent five annotations will open the doors for him in the Mexican National Team for now.

The today scorer of the Los Angeles team has not returned to the tricolor team since he, along with other colleagues, went to a brunch in New York in their free hours and, for the moment, Gerardo Martino has not opened the doors for him.

Even with the passage of time, ‘Tata’ Martino has not called up again who also appears as the tricolor’s top scorer with 52 goals And neither this nor his great start to the 2021 season in Major League Soccer by scoring five goals in two games will open the doors for him in the Mexican team, at least for the moment.

‘Chicharito’, who already has a run for his resurgence as a footballer, collaborated this weekend with a triplet for the Galaxy to beat the New York Red Bulls 3-2. This led to him being named the Player of the Week for the second consecutive day in MLS.

In addition, Javier Hernández, former Chivas and Real Madrid player, was included in the team of the day, also for the second consecutive time.

‘Chicharito’ recently declared that his performances can reopen the stakes for El Tri, and he “is not closed” and “has not retired” of the Mexican National Team, but who has the last word is Gerardo Martino and particularly, not only the Argentine does not take it into account for the commitments that are coming for the National Teams, and, according to sources, neither do some colleagues from the current base, they want him on the team.

ESPN Digital He knows that Hernández is not well regarded within the national team, due to some attitudes he had in his last calls.

The same sources assure that Javier Hernández will not be summoned, for the moment, “not even if he scores 100 goals” with the Galaxy, since ‘Tata’ Martino has it erased.

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