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To the hands? The crossing between Grabois and Etchevehere and a possible duel

After a publication that the social leader and director of the Artigas Project, Juan Grabois, made on his Twitter account, a series of cross accusations were unleashed between him, businessman Luis Etchevehere and Marcos Galperin, founder and president of Mercado Libre.

Grabois, who had already had strong ties with the rural businessman in the framework of the usurpation of lands that were later evicted by court order, this time pointed out against the Mercado Libre company and said that “Some have the great merit of taking a cut when they The rest goes bad for us and the world falls. A shitty year goes by for the excluded from the countryside and the city, the working people, the middle class. I toast because in the next, as Quilapayún said, the tortilla will return ” .


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