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To help other EU countries – Germany waives vaccines – domestic policy

Germany says “No” to the vaccine! One wonders: How can that be? At the vaccination debacle …

The answer is simple: Germany and other EU countries donate a good 2.8 million doses of corona vaccine to some other Eastern EU partners. So the other states should not be left behind in the vaccination campaign.

The states are: Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Latvia and Estonia. Because in these countries the corona vaccine is much scarcer than in Germany. Reason: Not all countries have always used their entire contingent of the vaccines procured centrally by the EU. With the aid package, the vaccine gaps are now to be filled.

According to this model, Germany dispenses with around 500,000 vaccination doses.

“It is an important signal in the corona crisis that the vast majority in the EU shows solidarity with the countries particularly affected by the vaccine shortage,” said an EU diplomat. “It is regrettable that Austria, Slovenia and the Czech Republic are leaving and refusing this gesture of solidarity.”

Because: Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia are not participating in the solidarity campaign!

Weeks ago, Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (34) and other EU countries complained about the unequal distribution of vaccines among the 27 members. As a result, the EU summit last week instructed the EU ambassadors to split up an early delivery of ten million Biontech / Pfizer cans into the second quarter in such a way that holes are plugged.

Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovenia disagreed with this and left. The remaining EU countries – including Germany – agreed their own fundraising campaign …

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