To avoid another blackout, entrepreneurs offer to invest in the electricity transmission network

He Business Coordinating Council (CCE) said that the private sector is willing to work as a team with the federal government, CFE and all public institutions of the energy sector to reinforce the country’s electricity transmission network, which is experiencing “congestion”.

In a statement, the CCE affirmed that to avoid a blackout, like the one on December 28, the private sector is willing to participate in the Mexican Electricity System where there are “great opportunities for improvement.”

“Currently the electrical system is congested in its transmission lines, which has generated costs of more than 1.8 billion dollars (Cenace 2017). This is due to the lack of infrastructure, the increase in demand and the lack of generation availability, which ends up affecting the reliability of the system ”, he explained.

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Given this, they offered to work with the Secretary of Energy, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), the National Energy Control Center (Cenace) and with the authorities in general to strengthen the country’s electricity transmission network.

They recalled that the electrical system serves it mostly the CFE by having the exclusivity of the transmission and distribution, which in the last 10 years the demand has increased by 30%, which generates opportunities in the high and low voltage electrical transmission network.

“It is important that (CFE) increase its investment budget; however, this is insufficient to meet the needs required by the growth of the energy sector in the future and thus prevent the transmission lines from going out of service and avoid future failures in the country’s electricity grid ”, he stated.

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In the coming years, investments of 87 billion pesos are required in generation, 21 billion pesos in transmission and distribution infrastructure and 43 billion pesos for the installation of 5,000 kilometers to strengthen the infrastructure.

However, despite the fact that CFE Distribución and CFE Transmission had profits, the money is invested in polluting and expensive energy, but it does not invest in reliable infrastructure.

“We make a call to sit down and talk, so that the business sector can invest and improve the penetration of renewable energy in Mexico and adapt the Electric System in order to increase the use of intermittent energy, as is a reality in other countries of Latin America and Europe ”.


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