Tlaxcala. They beat a hospital guard, demanded immediate attention

Puebla /

The Secretary of Health (SESA) of Tlaxcala announced that yesterday, Friday, after 9:20 p.m., he entered the Regional Hospital “Emilio Sánchez Piedras” A patient named Carlos ‘N’, 30 years old, and aggressively requested medical attention, for which the intervention of the municipal police was necessary.

The state agency detailed that upon arrival the patient was accompanied by a woman and demanded immediate attention in a hostile wayTherefore, the guard named José ‘N’, attached to the hospital, asked them to lower their voice; However, newcomers started beating himTherefore, the intervention of three more guards was necessary to calm the aggressors.

According to the report of Sofía Romero Hernández, director of the Hospital, the aggressions were considerableTherefore, elements of the municipal police arrived at the scene, who withdrew the attackers from Ecatepec, State of Mexico.

Romero Hernández reported that medical attention was provided to the guard, who is hospitalized and waiting to be transferred to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

The facts were notified to the Public Ministry to establish or define responsibilities.


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