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Tissue sample provides certainty: Richard Lugner has skin cancer

Tissue sample provides certainty
Richard Lugner has skin cancer

A doctor discovers a suspicious spot on Richard Lugner’s face. Now the result of the tissue sample gives the 88-year-old certainty: It is skin cancer. The Ex-Baulöwe must be operated. Nevertheless, he remains optimistic.

It’s not a good year for Richard Lugner. Not only did he have to do without his beloved opera ball again, health problems are also increasing. After bleeding from the intestine, which made him hospital, a noticeable spot was discovered over his eyebrow. The ex-builder has now had this clarified by a doctor. And the test results show that it is skin cancer.

“When the tissue sample from my forehead sent in by Dr. Worseg was examined, it was found that it was basalioma cancer,” Richard Lugner said in an interview with the Austrian newspaper “Krone”. “This cancer develops on parts of the body that are exposed to the sun, such as the forehead, nose or ears.”

Operation on Saturday already

But there is also reason for hope for the Viennese, as he explains further: “This cancer is stationary and rarely forms metastases.” Because the cancer can get bigger and bigger over time, the affected cells should be removed as soon as possible. Richard Lugner wants to undergo an operation as early as next Saturday.

The pathological cell change was only discovered by a happy coincidence. Lugner and his ex-wife Christina “Mausi” Lugner went to the beauty doc to get a botox injection. The surgeon there then noticed the stain on his forehead. It is not known whether Lugner had the Botox treatment carried out anyway.

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