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Tips to make nail polish last longer

Show off flawless hands is the goal of every woman. But sometimes it frustrates us to see our perfect manicure go bad quickly. The truth is that it is possible to make the nail polish last longer and we tell you how.

It’s not about doing extreme things like wearing gloves seven days a week to protect your nails from external agents. But yes I doon simple habits and tricks you can do to ensure that your nail design is stronger and not spoiled in a short time.

Tips to make nail polish last longer

Choose a good brand of nail polish

Not all nail polishes are good. So on many occasions the paint does not fall due to poor care, but rather from using low-quality products.

Be guided by the brands used by stylists and in this way you will be making sure that they have more fixation.

Multiple layers

If you think multiple coats of polish will help the paint last longer, you are correct. All you have to do is apply one coat, wait for it to dry, and then apply the other.

Avoid moisture so that the nail polish lasts

Moisture is one of the factors that easily remove nail polish. So one of the first actions you should take is to avoid activities that require keeping your hands in the water for a long time.

Do not stop doing your chores, but take care that your nails do not get wet for a long time, nor do you subject them to aggressive products directly.

Apply an extra coat of glitter

Another trick to make your nail polish last longer is to apply an extra layer of glitter. This product not only makes colors look more beautiful, but also Protect your nails from paint spoiling in a short time.

Try to avoid rubbing your nails with objects and always keep your hands hydrated. With these tricks you will be amazed at the durability that your nail polish will have.

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