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Tips to learn to disconnect from real work and gain peace of mind

Gone are the times where we thought that being a ‘workaholic’, or workaholic, was cool or admirable. Today, with such advanced conversations about mental health, we learned that this is not healthy nor is it sustainable over time.

But it costs. When leaving the office our mind is still hooked on the earrings, And not to mention if it is a remote job, because that has made the level of disconnection more complicated and even, at 10 at night you receive a message on WhatsApp from your boss. To do?

Learn to disconnect from work … Really

“An intense mix of individual ambitions, brutal corporate cultures and the technology that allows it to be accessible 24 hours a day is helping to create a stress crisis ”, analyzes on this problem a report by BBC.

Indeed, It is increasingly difficult to rest and work stress is breaking surprising figures. That is why it becomes so essential to learn strategies that help us gain peace of mind and say “no” to work, because there will always be something to do.

Take practical steps

Disconnection has to start on your own initiative So forget you have a cell phone or put your computer away, unless it’s to listen to music or watch a movie. In addition, Stay away from social networks as they are also sources of anxiety, stress or reminders of work.

Don’t always be available for your work

If you answer that WhatsApp at 10, they will know that you are available at any time, so they will continue to abuse. Notify and define which days you will not be working and at what times. In case they look for you, respond when it is your turn to work and you are back.

Have your hobby

Play sports, meet your friends, enjoy that Netflix series. You must gift those moments for yourself, and for your loved ones without interruptions. Dedicate it to yourself and savor those moments to the fullest.

Mind control regarding work

Finally, from World Psychologists recommend improving your internal dialogue. “If worries and obligations come to mind, think that when you return you will take care of it. You have the right to have a moment to disconnect from work. “

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