The holidays are approaching and although it is best to stay at home, there are those who will choose to sunbathe in their garden, perhaps have an inflatable shelter and enjoy the hot days.

If this is your case or you simply want to buy a swimsuit, we give you this guide so that you can choose the right one according to your body type and highlight your best attributes while making you feel comfortable and safe with yourself.

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It is considered as the most balanced figure, since there is a balance between the bust and the hips in addition to having a defined waist. If you have this type of body, you do not have to worry since you can wear the swimsuit that you want. Preferably they are bikinis (low or high waist). It will be beautiful!

Inverted triangle

The main characteristic of this body is that its back is wider than its hips. To look better and balance your body, use ruffles or prints at the bottom to give your hips more volume. Avoid wearing halter or strapless swimsuits, as these will accentuate your shoulders and back more.


Unlike the previous one, this body is characterized by having the hips wider than the back, giving a “triangle” effect. The swimsuit that will make your figure look better are the ones that are uncovered on the side of the torso and if you add dark tones it will be the perfect complement.


If the waist is not your strong suit, then you have this type of figure. To look amazing, wear swimwear with straps that tie at the back or neck. A sarong will help you add volume to your hips.


The curves are less pronounced compared to the hourglass figure, therefore, your ideal suit is the complete ones preferably that are smooth since we do not want to increase the volume, or on the other hand you can wear bikinis with high hips.

You won’t have to feel uncomfortable in a bathing suit again this vacation.


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