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Tika the Iggy shows spring trends inspired by Miranda Priestly

It seems like yesterday when Tika The Iggy was represented to us in 2020 with all those outfits that we wanted to wear, but couldn’t. It all started showing us some of her looks and with the epic phrase I couldn’t wear it: Sure WasThe exact same thing happened to us.

Shortly thereafter he was making headlines for Canada and even had her own editorial in Vogue in which he talked about his style and what a fan he is of Lizzo. Today, in 2021, the door is ajar for Tikka shows the trends that we will take to the street -and that come from the hand of the brand Zara-.

Spring trends… For our pets?

We have to accept it: in recent months we have become even closer to them, so our desire for them to wear the latest looks in trend, does not hurt. This is how the Spanish brand creates a campaign with Tika The Iggy and 3 adorable dogs to wear hoodies, scarves and necklaces in all possible colors and combinations.

In these trends relive pieces from the 2000s Because of the happy faces, she wears garments with navy touches with red stripes along with scarves with bracelets that we can borrow well to complement our looks.

Certainly these sets of Tika The Iggy they are a breath of fresh air that invite us to enjoy spring from the hand of what is referred to as ‘man’s best friend’.

Of course, these could not miss that fashion wink is that this influencer has had over time. Remember Devil Wears Prada? Surely the audacious character played by Meryl Streep comes to mind: Miranda Priestly, a fashion director who regards spring flowers as ‘groundbreaking’, a word that, said sarcastically, denoted ‘commonplace’.

Now this gesture is brought to 2021 by Tika The Iggy, hand in hand with the Zara outfits that she wears for her campaign this year, one that we undoubtedly wish to have in our pet’s closet.

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