‘Tigre’ Bonilla has not yet been requested in extradition, says the Judicial Branch

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

In the last hours, the Power of attorney Honduran reported that they have not yet received any request for extradition from the justice system of USA by Juan Carlos Bonilla, former director of National Police and known as ‘Tiger’, despite signs from the AUnited States Drug Control Administration (DEA).

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Melvin duarte, a spokesman for the Judiciary, informed El Heraldo: “According to verification, the presidency of the Supreme Court of Justice has not received a request for ‘El Tigre’ Bonilla. The former police officer is being investigated by US prosecutors and DEA for crimes related to large-scale drug trafficking since Honduras.

Since 1985

Juan Carlos Bonilla integrated
the National Police and directed it
between 2012 and 2013.

The DEA insisted in his discontent in the last hours regarding the non-extradition of Mario Cálix Hernández, Juan Carlos Bonilla Valladares, Arnaldo Urbina Soto, Carlos Fernando Urbina Soto and Miguel Ángel Urbina Soto, whom they point to as co-conspirators of Juan Antonio Hernandez, a former Honduran congressman sentenced to life imprisonment plus 30 years by a New York judge in recent days for drug trafficking.

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The Foreign Ministry does not know of extradition requests or the opening of legal proceedings against Bonilla. Since 2019, the process has been opened in the country and mentioned in the United States as imminent extradited, however, the process has stalled and the nuisance since USA begins to resonate in Honduras.

Other cases

Arnaldo Urbina Soto, former mayor of Yoro, Yoro, is serving a sentence for other crimes in Honduras, although, according to Duarte, his extradition was declared admissible. Upon serving his sentence in the country, US authorities will be able to exercise his extradition.

Cálix Hernández, former vice mayor of Thanks, LempiraOn the other hand, he is a fugitive, although there is already a judge appointed for the case. At one time, his voluntary surrender to the US justice system was handled, but the current status is unknown.

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