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Tickets for an open-door game of America up to 12,500 pesos for resale

The fans will be back at the Azteca Stadium for the game between América and Pachuca, after 14 months and that caused the increase in resale tickets

The return of the capital fans to the Aztec stadium After 14 months of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it caused a great demand for tickets due to the limited capacity of 25 percent imposed by the authorities. This caused dozens of followers to resort to reselling online, which had tickets for this weekend up to 12,500 pesos.

Fans with insured tickets for this weekend’s game between América and Pachuca corresponding to the second leg of the quarterfinals put the most accessible tickets at the entrance at 2,300 pesos.

In the portal Stubhub the fans who own tickets and stalls sold their tickets for this weekend and prices vary depending on the area of ​​the property.

The most expensive tickets for resale for this Sunday’s game were between 9,500 and 12,444 pesos and the areas in which they are found are 300 plus, 300 header and Palco Plus. That is, areas that correspond to the middle and lower part of the property.

The high costs can also be observed for the game between Cruz Azul and Toluca, which will be held the day before and whose prices start at 1,500 pesos.

The most expensive tickets for this game reach 9,500 pesos and are also located in the middle area of ​​the Azteca Stadium.

The authorities established that the entrance of fans will only be with electronic tickets and not physical ones. In addition, inside the building they prohibited the sale of beer and it is not allowed to smoke either.

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