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Three governors of Peru ask Venezuela for oxygen for covid patients

Caracas, Apr 10 (EFE) .- The governors of the Peruvian regions of Junín, Tumbes and Lambayeque this week asked the Executive of President Nicolás Maduro for medicinal oxygen to treat patients infected with covid-19 in those areas, where cases are increasing, revealed this Saturday the Foreign Minister of Venezuela, Jorge Arreaza.

“We received requests to cooperate in the care of the health crisis due to covid-19 in Peru from the regional governors of Junín, Tumbes and Lambayeque. It is necessary that the national authorities contact us to evaluate the logistics and possibility of support,” he said. Arreaza on Twitter.

The Venezuelan Foreign Minister published this message accompanied by photographs of the requests, dated April 5 and 6, which arrived in Venezuela from the governors of Lambayeque, Luis Alberto Díaz Bravo; Junín, Fernando Orihuela, and Tumbes, Wilmer Dios.

In them, the three Peruvian governors point out that their regions have been registering an increase in covid-19 infections.

According to the Peruvian Ministry of Health, the number of covid-19 infections rose in his country to 1,639,767, with 4,164 confirmed in the last hours, and to 14,943 those hospitalized with the disease, of which 744 were admitted this day.

Several Peruvian regions have health services saturated with patients, while suffering from a worrying shortage of medical oxygen, as is the case in the northern city of Talara, which on Friday reported 12 deaths in the local hospital, which was left without this essential supply.

In mid-January, Venezuela donated some 14,000 oxygen cylinders to Brazil to help in the hospital collapse of the Brazilian Amazon.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro then stressed that his country was in solidarity with the hospital crisis in the neighboring nation.

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