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Three best friends die in a car accident – laughed, lived, died together

They were almost like brothers, inseparable friends who had known each other since kindergarten. On July 2nd Viktor, Fabian and Harun (all 18) were also together. They sat in a red VW Polo that skidded – and in which they all died together.

The tragedy of Bad Saulgau (Ba.-Wü.) began on the day of Harun’s 18th birthday. The three boys got into the car around 11 a.m. and wanted to have breakfast together. At the wheel was the birthday child, who on that day was allowed to sit behind the wheel for the first time without an official escort.

Harun lost control of the car on a county road, the Polo hit the left lane and crashed head-on into an oncoming Ford.

The boys’ car was completely destroyed. The alarmed firefighters had to cut open the roof to get to the occupants. But they could no longer help them, all three died at the scene of the accident.

The driver (58) of the oncoming car was seriously injured and later died in a clinic.

About two weeks after the accident, Tatjana M. kneels at the grave of her son Viktor, who had so many plans. She clears withered flowers from the grave, which also has a photo of her son. The mother of BILD am Sonntag: “Viktor was an absolute beam man. He was so sensible and determined. “

The teenager was an avid musician, played tuba in the orchestra of the music school. Viktor trained regularly as a marksman in the local rifle club. “The three have known each other since kindergarten and spent every free minute together. Viktor wanted to finish high school as soon as possible and then learn something with cars. He was so interested in that. “

Even after their tragic death, Fabian and Viktor should not separate anything. They were buried in adjacent graves last week. More than 700 mourners gave them their last escort, including many schoolmates.

Shortly before Tatjana M. leaves the grave that afternoon, she remains in silence for a while, then says: “I have to go home now, to be there for Viktor’s sister and brother.”

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