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Those affected tell – these are Germany’s forgotten flood fates

Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler – It was probably the most emotional regular readers’ table in BILD history!

Several weeks after the flood disaster, BILD invited those affected, helpers and heroes of the flood to the popular Eifelstube in Ahrweiler. The cult bar, where it was hard to get a table on weekends before the flood, was hit hard and surprised by the flood. The BILD reporters were also surprised that evening by the stories that the people in the flood areas were being left in the lurch. No gas until March 2022, warm water only at the end of 2021 and hardly any help from the authorities with the reconstruction. There was a lot of anger, despair and also disappointment during the talks.

Read the moving stories here:

“It cannot be that this country does not have 10,000 construction dryers”

“The flood victims have no contact point”

“No authority pays veterinarian costs”

“No school bus takes our child to school”

“Authorities think that with my construction aid I am competing with retailers”

“Craftsmen are now asking exorbitant prices”

“Electricity is laid faster at a fair”

“We helpers are slowed down by the DRK”

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