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This would be the Toyota GR 86 convertible … that we will never see

This would be the Toyota GR 86 convertible … that we will never see

The duo formed by Toyota and Subaru to place the Toyobaru It was a gift for all fans of the motor world. However, after the first generation, the arrival of a second was sown with doubts, although it was finally confirmed that there would be. Of course, along the way, at least in Europe, we suffer a loss: the new Subaru BRZ will not see the light in the Old Continent. Luckily we can console ourselves knowing that the Toyota GR 86 yes it will be sold here.

Toyota GR 86 2021: this is how a traditional sports car is improved

The good news has been greeted with joy around the world and digital artists have already started making their own with the newcomer. X-Tomi, has been encouraged to imagine what the Toyota GR 86 convertible.

The process has been quite simple, simply cutting the roof behind the windshield and down to the belt line, which here is lowered compared to that of the coupe. We assume that the solution used would be a soft top instead of a retractable hard top, in order to reduce the extra weight as much as possible.

However, although it is easy to do in a digital design, the work that would actually involve making a version of these characteristics would be considerable, since the loss of rigidity would have to be dealt with by eliminating the roof, something that would have to be compensated with reinforcements. on the chassis.

That is why, if not impossible, if it seems very difficult that Toyota be encouraged to create a GR 86 convertible. So it is better to focus on enjoying the new generation when I arrived, with its power increase up to 235 hp, one of the most common demands among fans.

Mario Herráez April 11, 2021 – 09:52 a.m.

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