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This would be the most spectacular mobile of 2021: without ports, without buttons …

Maybe the most spectacular mobile of 2021 you can’t buy it. All the ballots of the moment go to Oppo with a concept that he will present shortly and that could be incredible. Not only would it have a very ambitious design, but it would have some of the most advanced technologies of the moment. The idea of ​​the device is not completely new, but it could be the one that best executes the play of not having ports, connections or buttons: everything would be screen. He wouldn’t even have cameras in sight!

This mobile would not have ports, but it would charge by cable

Oppo wants to bet heavily on one of its 2021 prototypes or concepts. Most likely, the terminal cannot be officially purchased, but it does serve as an example for other terminals in 2022 or the near future. The idea of ​​the terminal is eliminate or replace anything that is not strictly necessary to use it.

This is summarized in that will have no visible buttons, connections or cameras. Everything in the terminal will be screen, glass back or metal edges. Eliminating the buttons is the simplest, since Oppo would resort to using the edges of the screen or putting pressure sensitive areas in the frames.

The cameras would also be removed, at least from view: the front would be hidden under the screen and the rear with a electrochromic system that we still do not know. Being a concept it will be “easy” to hide the cameras without justifying a good image quality, so it would not have an incredible merit.

But the most curious thing is that Oppo has said that your load will be by cable and not just wireless. The first idea that comes to mind is to offer a magnetic system with a hidden port in the lower frame. It is something similar to the load MagSafe de Apple, but with a much smaller system.

If this design comes true, it will be one of the most spectacular on the market today. Whether it will be useful or not is a matter of time to check. It has already been shown that it is better to have buttons or ports to enhance the day-to-day experience, which is why Oppo fights against the obvious with this concept.


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