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This will be the funeral of Queen Elizabeth that is already planned by the royal family

Her husband, Philip of Edinburgh, 99, has just died, but Queen Elizabeth remains strong. At 94 years of age, he continues to fulfill his official duties, although her family and the team around her are constantly concerned about her health.

With more than decades in power, Elizabeth has become the longest-lived queen in the 1,000 years of the British monarchy.

But we all know that no one is eternal and British royalty has had enough time to plan everything that must be done the day the monarch says goodbye to the earthly plane.

This is how the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth will be given

According to the media, the newspaper The Guardian had access to queen elizabeth funeral plan, which will be called operation is London Bridge.

The Guardian has released the details of what would happen the minute the English sovereign dies. This plan was made because neither the palace nor the palace nor the people will be able to live without a crown.

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The London Bridge will start when Huw Thomas, Queen Elizabeth’s chief physician will monitor her health and publish a couple of palace announcements on her death.

When Queen Elizabeth passes away prince charles will be considered kingwhile Sir Christopher Geidt, the Queen’s Secretary, will contact the Prime Minister. At the same time confirmation of his death will be sent to 15 foreign governments. The news will be communicated to 36 other Commonwealth countries, for whom the queen is a symbolic figure.

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The media will not receive the news from the palace directly. It will be the governors general, ambassadors and prime ministers who will be in charge of breaking the news to the world, which will be treated as the last minute to the Press Association and the global media.

A lackey will post a notice to the gates of Buckingham PalaceAccording to tradition, the website of the Royal Family will be “transformed into a gloomy, formal site, displaying the same text on a dark background.”

The Guardian points out that media coverage will come, with days of coverage planned. Regular television programming will be discontinued, the broadcast networks will merge and the news communicators will wear black as a mark of respect.

Commercial radio stations should play “serene music” before making the announcement.

Mourning britain

The whole of Britain will go into a period of mourning. Prince Charles will become King Charles at 11:00 a.m. the next day and William will become the Prince of Wales; meanwhile and Kate Middleton will take the place of Princess of Wales.

It is also contemplated that the chambers of parliament will be lit. The entire population will leave work early and English aircraft pilots will announce the news to their passengers.

There are 10 days of weighing on the agenda for everyone. Before the burial, Queen Elizabeth’s body is expected to remain “at disposal” for four days full so that about a million people will pay their respects.

The funeral, which will be financed by the British people, will take place on the 12th of his death. Finally, the coffin will be carried to Westminster Abbey by a carriage of arms. The Archbishop of Canterbury will lead the service. World leaders and heads of state will be able to attend.

The burial of Queen Elizabeth could take place in various places; including on his estates at Balmoral, Sandringham or alongside his father, King George VI, at St George’s Chapel in Windsor.

Despite the fact that Queen Elizabeth is an elderly woman, after 6 decades in command of the crown, his absence will leave a void in British royalty and his death will be of global concern. The royal family is one of the most planned that exist and the funeral of Queen Elizabeth does not escape this planning.

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