This is how Pauleth Pastrana spoke about what her partner is going through.

Fredy Guarín has made national news for the attack on his parents in a high degree of exaltation. This is what Fredy Guarín’s girlfriend said about her situation

And while the violence presented is reprehensible, the episode has led to questions about the player’s mental health.

Also for the determinants that led him to this situation.

Fredy Guarín had already had several personal problems that had affected his athletic performance.

This, both in Vasco Da Gama and in Millionaires, who lent him their support.

His colleagues and former partner also closed ranks towards him.

This was what Fredy Guarín’s girlfriend said about her situation

And of course, this also happened with his current girlfriend, Pauleth Pastrana.

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She expressed in a story that people had no right to judge if they did not know the real situation of the player.

“Do not talk about what you did not see, or condemn what you have not felt, each one knows the pain they carry, the weight they carry, the difficulty they face and the struggles they face. We all have our own life history that does not correspond to be judged by those who did not live it, nor know it. Together, Companion ”, he expressed.

The veterinarian put a video where her hand is seen joined to the player’s.

Mental health not to be underestimated

Mental health is one of the public health problems that have been aggravated by the pandemic in Colombia.

Remember that if you manifest any type of disorder or imbalance in your emotions and mood to the point of not being able to carry out your daily tasks, you can ask for help on line 106 or in the directory provided by the Government, here.

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