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This was the call to 911 to assist young people …

A car hit a motorcycle and fled. “That was the description given by a neighbor from the city of La Plata in the call to 911 to request assistance to the young people run over by the husband of the provincial deputy Carolina Píparo.

In the audio of the telephone communication that was known this Saturday, a witness of the fact asked the organism in charge of attending emergencies a “urgent ambulance at 21 between 39 and 40“to help the injured. At the beginning of the conversation the woman explained:” A vehicle collided with a motorcycle and continued. Other motorcycles are following him. ”

“Then a car hit a motorcycle. Are there any injuries?” The 911 worker asked. “Yes, there are wounded. There is a boy lying“replied the woman who witnessed the incident.

Faced with the question from the emergency center, the neighbor pointed out that the vehicle “He fled” and that they were following him. “It’s a gray car, truck type with a white roof.”, he detailed.

The two versions

According to Píparo’s account, in the early morning of January 1, she was attacked by motorcyclists when she was taking her father home after the New Year celebrations and they stole her billboard and her iPhone phone.

According to her version, when they went to make the complaint at a police station in her black Fiat 500 car driven by her husband Juan Ignacio Buzali, were again intercepted by the criminals and at that moment they rammed one of the motorcycles to escape.

As opposed, Martin de Vargas, lawyer for the two young men attacked by Juan Ignacio Buzali, rejected the information presented by the legislator and stressed that his clients they had nothing to do with a robbery. In turn, he questioned that they have not been given a breathalyzer test and that the security cameras have not yet been seen.

For De Vargas, the case must be framed in “homicide in degree of attempt”. In the meantime, reports of crossover calls are awaited to ascertain if there was a report of the marriage to 911.

The lawyer said that, after running over the young people, Píparo and her husband fled the scene at full speed and were chased by the victims’ friends, who were also on motorcycles.

The motorcycle was hooked under Píparo’s car, it had been shooting sparks for four blocks and people asked them to stop“said De Vargas, who added that the woman and her husband” made a crazy race throughout the city of La Plata, putting many lives at risk, accelerating hard and passing red lights. “

The investigation

Beyond the different versions, for researchers “there are no signs“that indicate that the young people who were run over were thieves. What was confirmed is that there was a robbery prior to the accident.

Judicial sources assured Telam that, according to the elements included in the file in charge of the prosecutor Eugenia di Lorenzo, it was established that Píparo suffered the theft of his wallet and his Iphone cell phone by “motochorros”, although “there is no type of evidence “that allows suspecting that the young people run over by the woman’s husband were the perpetrators of the act.

The victims declared today before the Provincial JusticeWhile the investigators assured that the legislator’s husband was notified of the initiation of the case for “culpable injuries” although at the moment he is not charged.

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