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this video shows how it will be

Google is especially active lately in the hardware section, and not just the software as usual.

To the launch of the Nest Hub 2 a few weeks ago, we must add the news related to the Pixel 5a, which we believed was going to be canceled and that it seems that it will finally see the light, although initially only in the United States and Japan.

The same informant who told us that this mobile would be canceled now shows us, for the first time, what the first Google smartwatch will be like. So, take the information with a grain of salt as Jon Prosser sometimes nails his predictions, but at other times he is wrong.

However, according to Jon himself, this time he has had access to real photographs of the product, but his source has asked him not to publish them so he has recreated the clock digitally in a 3D model, similar to what others do leakers.

This will be the Google Pixel Watch

As we see in the video that the own leaker has published on his YouTube channel, the Pixel Watch will be an extremely similar watch to the new OnePlus Watch.

It will have a circular crown with a side button that will allow you to navigate through the interface, although it will surely also include a touch screen.

The straps will be interchangeable but it looks like it will have a proprietary system and not a normal 22mm strap, although we cannot confirm this yet. There will be about 20 models available at launch, although we do not know if they will all be silicone like the ones in the images.

Google Pixel Watch: this video shows what it will be like

The images also show how the new Wear OS interface will be, the operating system that this watch will have as standard.

It seems that Google has wanted to redesign the interface, although it will take much more than that if you want Wear OS to be an alternative to Huawei, Samsung and Apple watches.

Google Pixel Watch: this video shows what it will be like

At the moment there is no information on prices or release dates but Prosser indicates that the presentation date should not be too far away. It is speculated that it could be October, perhaps with the launch of the Pixel 6.

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