This tire pressure monitor includes the caps and the easy-to-install computer for 35 euros

This tire pressure monitor includes the caps and the easy-to-install computer for 35 euros

Today there are many extras that can be added to the car when you buy it. But there are also a lot of them that you can install even if you bought the car years ago. This occurs, for example, with vehicle tire condition monitoring systems. There are cars that can tell you if the tires have a problem. But this monitoring system goes further, well tells us the exact pressure level with which the wheels have, so that we can know at all times if a tire is bad. And also, it is a system that you can install in any vehicle, very easily and for very little money.

It is monitoring system has five elements. Four of them are plugs that they have to be put on the wheels and that perform measurements and send the signal to the computer, which is a small device that we have to install in the console area of ​​the vehicle and has a small screen. The price of the whole kit is 35 euros, and there is no need to carry out any type of wiring.

Wiring is not necessary because uses low-power wireless technology to send pressure and temperature data from the sensors to the device that we carry in the car console.

The sensors, What are they the plugs to put on the valvesThey measure both tire pressure and temperature. Both elements are essential and appear on the small computer that we have installed in the car. Given that the pressure varies depending on the outside temperature, and that once the tires have warmed up we will also see a different pressure, having the reference of the two units of measurement is key.


Installation is very simple because all we have to do is put the four caps, one on each valve of the tires, and fix the small indicator computer on the car console, or on the dashboard, where we see fit. So much plugs like the computer carry their own battery. However, while the one on the caps will last a long time, this is not the case with the one on the screen. Even though has a charging indicator and a USB port to charge it by connecting it to the cigarette lighter socket.

For only 35 euros it is a good purchase as an ideal extra for our car, and that gives us more information on the condition of the tires, a very relevant element in passenger safety.

Emm Jimenez April 2, 2021 – 9:22 p.m.

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