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This theme for your Xiaomi will help you save battery and reduce consumption – Xiaomi News

Everyone knows that AMOLED displays offer better energy consumption. This is achieved, not only thanks to the nature of its technology, but also to the representation of the black color, which is obtained by turning off the screen pixels of the area where it is going to be displayed.

That is why using the Dark Mode in our Xiaomi is essential if we want save battery and reduce consumption. Also, if we use a Theme with a dark color palette and a minimalist design, the energy savings will be more noticeable.

In the face of this, then we bring you one of the best themes for your Xiaomi with which you can save battery. Thanks to its minimalist design lines and tonality where black reigns, the screen of your Xiaomi, as long as it is AMOLED, will have to work less.

The best theme for your Xiaomi with which to save battery

In detail, it is about the topic Soft Night, which you can install on your Xiaomi without changing region, just by accessing from this link that will take you to the MIUI Themes application itself. Its installation is free and brings with it a lot of changes compared to the original interface.

This theme for your Xiaomi will help you save battery and reduce consumption.  News Xiaomi Addicts

Once installed we can see how icons are reduced to a minimum, making the black color even more present on the desktop of our Xiaomi. The same goes for the Control Center, effects and animations disappear, to take a more minimalist design.

Besides that, the lock screen has also been modified in this issue. And no, not only does it get darker, but add various widgets that will allow us to enter certain applications directly, all of these with a dark design in order to save energy.

It should be noted that this issue will only help us reduce energy consumption if we activate the MIUI Dark Mode and also our smartphone has an AMOLED screen. In the same way, you can install it on any Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO device even if its screen is LCD IPS.

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