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This spray ensures that the appearance of the engine and mechanics remain as new over the years and costs only 11 euros

This spray ensures that the appearance of the engine and mechanics remain as new over the years and costs only 11 euros

Anti-aging creams may not really work. But while the human problem is that cell regeneration simply stops, in the case of cars this spray does work. They are the advantages that there are in that the only thing necessary is “a coat of paint”. This spray It is not paint as we know it, although it does add a transparent and glossy coat ideal to apply on the engine, tubes, hoses, hoses and other mechanical elements.

In essence it is a varnish that creates a protective film that repels dirt and moisture. And also, being transparent, it keeps the surfaces on which we have applied it shiny. Its main function is keep the components their original appearance for years. In this way, the passage of time will not affect the appearance of the mechanical elements of your car so much, and that this spray costs only 11 euros.

The product is from Sonax, and is known as Motor plastic. Only you, who understand perfectly how important it is to take care of every last component of the vehicle, will know appreciate a product that helps to keep the engine and mechanics looking good.

While there are owners who do not care about this factor because after all they are elements that are under the hood, those who really appreciate their car do.


The way to apply this Motor plastic it is simple. You just have to spray it on the components and let it dry. Of course, it must be taken into account that its function is “to maintain”, not “to recover”. That means you will first have to thoroughly clean the mechanical elements with an effective degreaser. If the car is new, you will not have to work hard, of course. Let the engine run cool down, and then pulverize the product on all the surfaces you want to protect. Then you will only have to let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Although if you apply it at a time when you do not have to use the car immediately after, all the better.

Its price is only 11 euros, and users who have tried it They claim that it works very well, and that after a few years the appearance of the mechanics of the car remained practically the same. A good buy for those who appreciate their car so much that they even care about the appearance of unseen components.

Emm Jimenez April 26, 2021 – 8:46 p.m.

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