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This ‘special medicine’ is being given to Trump, not yet available for any other corona patient. america – World

This 'special medicine' is being given to Trump, not yet available for any other corona patient

The medicine given to Trump for corona treatment has not yet been approved

Donald Trump Covid-19: US President Donald Trump’s health is improving now and according to his medical team, he can be discharged from hospital and shifted to White House on Monday. On the other hand, reports have emerged that Trump has been treated with a drug which is in trial and has not been approved yet.

Washington. The health of US President Donald Trump is now improving in the grip of Coronavirus. Trump’s condition is said to be stable and it is being said that he can be shifted from the hospital to the White House on Monday. According to the information received, doctors are treating Trump with an antibody drug which is not currently available for other corona patients.

A CNBC report According to this antibody is a cocktail drug and its name is REGN-COV2. Trump has been given a dose of 8 grams of this medicine, after which his condition is now improving. Trump’s medical team said that his blood oxygen level had dropped twice during the illness. However, his condition is now fine and he has not had fever since Friday evening. According to the report, he has been given another dose of Remedisvir and his liver and kidneys are functioning normally.

Health was worse before
White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows admitted Trump’s health was worse than what officials had previously told him. Trump not only had fever but his blood oxygen level was also falling fast. After being corona positive, American Trump has been admitted to the Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland. The drug REGN-COV2 being given to Trump has been prepared by the American company Regeneran. Antibodies of the patient recovered from the rat and corona have been used in this drug. As of now it is still in trial.

According to a report by DailyMail, two patients whose treatment with this antibody drug have seen side effects. On the other hand, Professor Peter Horby of Oxford University says that this drug is safe. One dose of this gives the patient protection for up to 6 weeks. In addition to this antibody, Trump is being given Remedsevir, Zinc, Vitamin-D, Femotidin, Melatonin and Aspirin in the treatment of Corona. Remedesvir is an anti-viral drug, which was formulated to treat Ebola. Right from the beginning of the epidemic, it is being given to the patients of Corona.

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