This smart ring allows you to control various applications with gestures

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The coronavirus pandemic has made teleworking become established in Spain. With it, millions of people spend their days trapped in front of their computers using a large number of meeting applications, such as Zoom and Skype. To get users to separate themselves from the keyboard and mouse, they have created a smart ring that allows you to control multiple apps with gestures.

‘Wave for Work’, that’s what this ring is called, is designed by the start-up Icelandic Genki Instruments and is based on the same technology as the company’s existing ‘Wave’ ring launched in 2018. In that case, the wireless device was paired to a computer and allowed users to “shape the sound.” controlling the effects through hand gestures.

This new smart ring model works the same way, but is aimed more at control applications like Skype, Zoom, PowerPoint, Microsoft Teams and Keynote with gestures. Similarly, ‘Wave for Work’ can also be used for music-related tasks such as playing, pausing, skipping songs, and adjusting the volume on apps like Spotify.

Three buttons

The ring is worn on the index finger and works in two ways. The first one is capable of recognizing the gesture of turning the hand, which the user himself can assign to a specific function. On the other hand, ‘Wave for Work’ also includes a total of three physical buttons that can be pressed comfortably with the thumb.

This is the design of the smart ring.

This is the design of the smart ring.

Genki Instruments


Similarly, each of these buttons can be assigned to a specific function displayed on the simple screen located at the top of the ring. Actions the ring can perform include mute the microphone, manage cameras during video calls, start and run slide shows, or start programs.

For this, it is only enough that the user perform the gestures with the ring. A feature that, for example, makes the speaker separate from the computer and move around the room during a presentation.

Price and availability

The creators of this smart ring have confirmed that it is fully compatible with Windows 10 and macOS operating systems. In addition, this device is capable of communicating with a computer from a distance of up to 10 meters. Among other details, it has its own application and the battery offers an autonomy of eight hours.

The ‘Wave for Work’ smart ring is now available for purchase at a price of 99 dollars. At the moment, the only option to get it is through Genkin Instruments’ own website.

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