“This quarantine leaves us sequels that we will suffer for many years”

At 17.17 minutes this Thursday, December 31, Mauricio Macri uploaded a post to his Facebook as a political balance of the year and that he titled “My confidence in the Argentines is total.”

It is a text fundamentally focused on criticizing the Government for the management of the pandemic and of the economy, but at the same time that it seeks to position itself for the beginning of the electoral year.

Strictly speaking, the former president had already reappeared days ago in a virtual meeting with PRO leaders, where he spoke harshly against the government of Alberto Fernández and spoke of the different leaderships in Together for Change, citing a phrase from Carlos Menem: “All priests want to be Popes.”

In fact, as Clarín reported days ago, Mauricio Macri and his main sides took charge of the efforts to reinforce the link with referents of the self-summoned who acquired prominence during the multiple flags.

The truth is that now, in several fragments of the letter this end of the year, Macri criticized the management of the coronavirus: “A very difficult year is ending for all of us, in which we suffer the effects of the pandemic and the quarantine, but that also closes with hope “.

“The pandemic arrived and, with it, one of the longest and most destructive quarantines in the world. We stopped seeing our affections, we insanely lock up our children. Many lost their jobs, before an officialism that dedicated itself to preaching fear and more fear, exercising its authority, its power and criticizing society for the increase in cases. And yet we end up being one of the countries with the most deaths from Covid, “Macri wrote.

The ex-president understood that this quarantine leaves “consequences that we will suffer for many years”: “Not only because of the millions of Argentines who lost their jobs but also due to the psychological, educational and health consequences of other pathologies (for example cardiological, oncological, diabetic) not treated in time “.

For Macri, the government instead faced “an authoritarian and judicial agenda” and cited the cases of Vicentin, “the release of dangerous prisoners” and the controversy over the partnership between the nation and the city.

Then he continued with the economic question: “We ended the year with almost 50% poverty, millions of new unemployed and inflation on the rise. Sad, but all the efforts made by the Argentines in 2018 and 2019 were lost, years that – I recognize, of course I recognize – were very hard , but in which fIn the end we were straightening the ship and today the ship seems to be adrift. “

Around the same time that Macri was raising Macri, Cristina Kirchner tweeted: “To that true economic and social pandemic that represented the last neoliberal cycle of the macrista government the coronavirus pandemic was added this year, in an unpredictable way. With the arrival of the first vaccines, hope opens up, but we have to continue taking care of ourselves “.

Alberto Fernández had also referred to Macri about the pandemic: “Macri, for you to remember, the quarantine allowed us to stand up a health system that you left destroyed, create a Ministry of Health that you closed, set up a Ministry of Science and Technology with which you ended “.

Macri closed: “I am pessimistic for the next few months because I believe that we will continue to suffer the consequences of the follies of a government without plan or direction. But I am very, very optimistic for the next few years, because I see the strength and conviction of the Argentine people , stronger than ever, fighting to defend our future. “

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