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This new Ferrari 812 GTS ended up inside a lake

This new Ferrari 812 GTS ended up inside a lake

Accidents happen, and some hurt more than others. We are not talking on a physical level (that too), but rather about feelings. This is what probably happened to the owner of this new Ferrari 812 GTS that ended up in a lake in Italy. The causes of the incident are not entirely clear, but the Ferrari was partially covered in water and had to be rescued by a crane.

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Local media claim that the Ferrari 812 GTS was parked on the Via Achille Grandi road, in the Sirmione commune in Brescia, in the north of the country. But the question is not where it was parked, but rather, How do i end up in the lake? The first indications point to the fact that the driver forgot to apply the handbrake and that the Ferrari slid until it ended up inside the lake.

This new Ferrari 812 GTS ended up inside a lake

This would be the simplest theory, but it deserves to clarify a couple of points before. For example, the fact that the 812 GTS is a luxury car which is equipped with a electric parking brake. The other great aspect to take into account is that it is automatic and that Ferrari has configured it so that you must follow a series of specific guidelines to leave the car in neutral and without the handbrake. This procedure is long and very specific, to prevent someone from activating it by mistake and this type of accident from occurring.

For the car to stay in neutral, the driver must pull the two paddles to activate it, but after releasing the brake, the Ferrari will automatically activate parking mode, which locks the wheels through the transmission. This prevents the vehicle from moving. However, there is a way to leave the car in neutral and without the handbrake, through the “Carwash” mode (washed).

As reported from The DriveTo activate this mode, which is designed to wash the car in a car wash, you must activate neutral, turn off the car and activate accessory mode in three seconds. This mode requires manual activation of the parking brake, so it will not apply automatically. At the moment, it is unknown if the owner of this 812 GTS activated this mode by mistake or what is the exact reason that ended up taking the car into the water.

Regardless of the reasons for the accident, the images show that the Ferrari slid into the lake until approximately cover about 30 cm from the front. The extent of the damage is unknown, but the 812 GTS had to be rescued from the lake with a crane.

Source: Formula Passion, The Drive | Photos: Supercarnews (YouTube)

Aaron Perez April 25, 2021 – 11:38 a.m.

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