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This is the fashion bet that celebrates spring (and unforgettable moments)

The spring always reminds us that the best is yet to come. The minutes stop to enjoy them in the company of those we love the most, it is about celebrating and what better way to do it than those firms and collections that celebrate it.

Yes, today in addition to celebrating spring we honor the Earth, to our home, and to everything it gives us, through intelligent choices that allow us reimagine the closet, as well as its infinite possibilities. These are possible thanks to Birkenstock.

The spring / summer 2021 collection that you should not miss

This is designed in every moment: unique and unrepeatable, so it is fully dedicated to the human spirit and constant concern for the environment, in such a way that with its bets you can walk indoors and outdoors.

The summer ranges are the protagonists of its design commitment, hand in hand with its absolute comfort, fusing eclectic touches through its buckles, insoles and midsoles.

Models like Madrid, Mayari, Yao will be some of the creations that we can see reinventing in street style, reminding us that the best moments are to go through them hand in hand with the most comfortable footwear.

It is important to emphasize that in recent years comfort has become the key to our wardrobe and particularly of our footwear, so that Birkenstock It is the ideal bet to elevate our looks while wearing a comfortable model of sandals.

The models that you should have in your closet

Celebrate your femininity with models like Arizona Vegan, a classic that reinvents itself to be free of animal inputs together with Florida and Mayari.

If you are looking for closed bets, Bend Low in sneakers and Stalon (ankle boots) they can be a great option. Another must-see in this category is Gary, who can go from open to close in no time.

When it comes to the male gender, they can find different options for their daily activities of Medina, Milano, Ramses and many others adapt to each personality.

For the little ones, incredible options are seen with innovative and fun designs without losing comfort. Creations like Desert Soil, Camo and Unicorn they will be the must-have for day-to-day adventures. In addition, and if that were not enough, the Derry boot will be perfect for the rainy season and halftime.

Diversity shines between Birkenstock’s bet in order for you to be the protagonist of each story and lead you to live each one of them through the more comfortable and lively footwear it’s from the season.

It’s time to re-appreciate the moments and live them hand in hand with those who accompany you to experience it and go through it.

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