This is how they crowd in Tepito for the purchase of toys


Despite the pandemic, parents are taking risks to buy toys in the La Lagunilla and Tepito area

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, the eve of the arrival of the Magi, as every year, thousands of people attend the pilgrimage installed on Axis 1 North.

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Mexico City continues with a red health traffic light, however, merchants agreed with authorities to install their posts from 4 in the afternoon until noon next Wednesday

Hundreds of merchants offer their products along López Rayón avenue and its continuation Granaditas, from Paseo de la Reforma to Vidal Alcocer.

They sell clothes, footwear and all kinds of toys for boys and girls at more affordable prices than in other places.

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Mexico City Government personnel through the loudspeaker alerts buyers that it is a high contagion area and that they preferably return home.

They recommend that attendees enter through the right aisle and exit through the left and keep a distance with other people.

As the afternoon and evening progresses, buyers fill all the spaces of the huge pilgrimage and it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain order in the place.

Once the items are purchased as gifts, satisfaction is observed on people’s faces even though they are aware that they have entered an area with a high contagion of covid.

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