This is how they caught the woman who set fire to her ex-boyfriend and her partner

Tuesday morning Fernando Rojas (25) and his girlfriend Karen Montenegro (22) they were waiting for the bus in Lisandro Moyano and Libertad (Las Heras). The boy was going to work and the girl I had gone to accompany him to fire him. When he saw the mike coming, the boy greeted the young woman with a kiss and gave her a hug. The couple never thought that while they were in that situation another woman was preparing to pour gasoline on them and set them on fire.

Security cameras in the area indicate that the aggressor was Yanina Beln Ten (27), Fernando’s ex-girlfriend. He surreptitiously approached and I lit them both, so both victims are hospitalized – Karen is still serious. Then the attacker escaped. Until this morning, when neighbors from the Mathieu neighborhood They located her and chased her for a few tracks, just before the police caught her.

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