This is how the victim of a hitman was left in the IMSS hospital

The Juarez Journal

Tuesday, December 29, 2020 | 08:58

Juarez City- With a bullet in the head and lying in one of the 35 hospital beds, Héctor Antonio Ramírez, 36, was the 91st execution victim of this month.

He was killed by a hitman who dressed as a nurse, who managed to circumvent private surveillance and the National Guard that maintains screening filters at the door of the hospital and the emergency area, reported the Social Security nursing staff.

The workers provided an image showing the murdered man, who on December 17 had been the target of a bullet attack in the streets of Elisa Griensen and Juan Ibarra of the Héroes de la Revolución neighborhood, according to data from the Attorney General of the State in the North Zone.

Nurses pointed out that the gunman escaped on foot, got lost among the people who left scared and then apparently got into a truck that was waiting for him on Valentín Fuentes Avenue.

FGE investigating officers analyze the videos from the hospital surveillance cameras to obtain images of the gunman.

The victim had an arrest warrant issued by a District Judge since 2013, for federal crimes, reported an agent of the Investigative Police.

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